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THE HUDDLE - Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin with Special Guest Mike Sims

THE HUDDLE - Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin with Special Guest Mike Sims

What does it mean to be a leader? Sometimes it seems this word is synonymous with boss, which tends to feel like it means, to boss. But being a leader should be supported by our leadership. This book Extreme Ownership creates the picture of what true leadership can look like, in war and everyday business. Mike Sims exemplifies many of the traits this book teaches. Partly because he has read this book over and over again. Through our discussion his perspective shines light on how this book affected his life but also how essential it is to build team synergy, but also build a company culture. Ownership is the key. If you as a leader can inspire or be the example for the team to believe in and execute a plan, but then also realize the shortcomings of the team ultimately rest in your lap, then you're leading with Extreme Ownership. Don't get me wrong, everything that goes wrong is not you as the leader's fault, but IT is on you as a leader to plug the leak while continuing to drive the boat. At the end of the day the leader takes ownership of the entire boat, not just the steering wheel. This book will help you improve your teams, your family, your organizations, but most importantly to me it will inspire those individual followers to grow with the belief that they have the support of a great leader at their back. We hope you enjoy our discussion, but we also hope you go out and get, and read Extreme Ownership by: Leif Babin and Jocko Willink. #ExtremeOwnership #LeifBabin #JockoWillink #TheHuddle #HuddleUp #paperplates #book #changeyourcleats #booklover #bookstagram #bookrecommendations #readersofinstagram #goodreads #goodreadschallenge2021 #CYC #read #letstalk #conversation #growth Instagram: @changeyourcleats Facebook: Change Your Cleats Twitter: @CYCleats_ For Business Inquiries please contact us at All opinions are strictly mine and mine alone. But yours are always welcome. Music Credits Intro and Outro: Top Flow By: @1luhwoodyfr
THE HUDDLE - UNDERR8TED: The Route That Caught an NFL Dream - with Brandon McGadney and Byron Rose

THE HUDDLE - UNDERR8TED: The Route That Caught an NFL Dream - with Brandon McGadney and Byron Rose

You have a book within you. But, what does it look like? This book is has a cover. It has pages. It has words, but the story within the cover, those pages, and those words is the experience of life. It's the perspective of life. It's the lessons of life. During this episode of #TheHuddle the cast of the podcast #DroppingDymesPodcast got together to dive far beyond the words on a page. And what you will learn, when this crew gets together comedy is always blended in. Everything the I went through, the decisions I made, the challenges I faced in this book and throughout life have been "preparation in disguise". What you have experienced in your life and what you are experiencing now will give you the opportunity to gather the tools for the opportunities of tomorrow. Your's may look different than the experiences of this book, but what this book will show you is "AWARENESS" and "REFLECTION" will illuminate everything that is for you. I wrote this me, but what I meant is the me in WE. The version of me who had a vision of who he was, that most of the world could not see. We all will feel that place at some point. Through work, through time, through persistence, through tenacity, through support, through belief, through leadership, through struggle, through mistakes, through challenge, through mentorship, and through love, this story was written. See that is a story that we all will face and create. This is just my version. After you listen to us, and after you go out and get your copy of UNDERR8TED: The Route That Caught an NFL Dream, go ahead and start yours book with your story. #UNDERR8TED #WallaceJMiles #TheHuddle #HuddleUp #paperplates #book #books #knowledge #truestory #booklover #bookstagram #bookrecommendations #readersofinstagram #goodreads #goodreadschallenge2022 #CYC #read #changeyourcleats #letstalk #conversation #growth Instagram: @changeyourcleats Facebook: Change Your Cleats Twitter: @CYCleats_ Music by: Raxonwoody_1 For Business Inquiries please contact us at


Wallace J. Miles the product of choice, determination, and grit. Which has produced success at the collegiate and professional levels on the grid iron, inthe classroom, and in the work force.  

From Atlanta, GA, he attended North Carolina A&T State University where he entered the challenging major of Electrical Engineering, while also walking onto the football team as a kicker. Wallace had different plans than the coaches and teammates who only saw him as a kicker. He also had other plans for the guidance counselor who said he could not play football and complete the electrical engineering curriculum.

Wallace decided he was going to be a receiver no matter what anyone else thought or believed. He decided he was going to chase the desires of his heart. In doing so he changed the course of his life. From walk-on kicker, he became a record-setting receiver on the field, while also earning his electrical engineering degree. 

Hard work and tenacity allowed him to sign an NFL contract, and earn Canadian Football League Championship ring. Though many of his physical talents took him to some of his dreams, his mental growth and awareness are what allowed him to take cracked doors and kick them wide open.

With all Wallace has accomplished and experienced, he feels the greater joy at this point in his life is  inspiring others to know they can attain any dream they feel pulling at their heart. All it takes is a decision followed by persistent action. 

“The real treasure in striving for your dreams is the growth and experience along the journey”


“Some people are motivated, while others are

driven. Motivation comes and goes but being

driven is a trait that’s innate and will last forever.

Wallace Miles is an individual that is driven in

every aspect in life. There are few people in this

world who truly inspire me. Wallace Miles is on

that list.”

Milt Stegall

CFL Hall of Famer


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